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Re: Craziness
Jan 27, 2005
I haven't been dx'ed yet either. Almost six years ago, the chest pain was one of my main symptoms. I had it pretty much every day, along with a sensation of being pushed backward or walking through water. There was a period of a few weeks where I also developed weakness, tremors, difficulty with fine motor coordination, etc, but that resolved and the chest pain and weird dizzy feeling remained for almost two years. Even since then, extreme stress could bring back the strange sensation-though not near the severity of my first episode. At the time, I was tested for a variety of viruses, one being Coxsackie B, which can cause neuro symptoms and guess what-chest pain! I had a very high titer for the Coxsackie-so my doctor and I were both satisfied that this was the problem. I'd had mri's, bloodwork, neuro eval-all normal at the time.

Now, it is all back-only much worse, the weakness is severe (I can barely get myself off the ground from sitting when I'm normally quite strong...) I have a lot of trouble typing this, and my chest pain/dizzy feeling has come back full force. Also with worse tremors, bladder and swallowing and sensory problems. Once again, bloodwork, mri's, neuro work up are showing normal except for mildly brisk reflexes. (I don't recall what my reflexes were the first time around...) My neurologist is stumped. He thinks I'm having too many symptoms and not enough signs to dx MS. With all these symptoms, he thinks the mri's should be showing something. I'm getting a lumbar puncture next week. There is a questionable lesion on my cervical mri which everyone thinks is a syrinx, but it also could be an atypical MS lesion.

Also-a neuro recently told me that back injuries can cause chest pain-make sure you get an mri of your spine-you could have a simple disc herniation (well-not so simple, but better than ms...) and this may be correctable with physical therapy and medication.)

Good luck in your pursuit of a diagnosis!

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