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Hi there,

sorry, this is going to be a long post.

I have been having one hell of a year trying to figure out what is wrong with me. I have come to the conclusion that it is MS, obviously, i would really rather it wasnt! I'll describe my symptoms and you can tell me what you think.

In October 2003, I started to have some strange vision - not really blurry or painful (actually, totally painless) but as time progressed I started to notice that my vision was not as bright as before, it tended to get blurry after walking around for a while. but really seemed like no big deal. In summer 2004, i started to have an awful time trying to see, the blurryness on walking was terrible - i would get lost and frustrated just trying to find a shop! it was crap. it was diagnosed as optic neuritis in December 2004, only after harassing doctors until they got me in to see a neuro-opthamologist who then decided it was ON.

I started also to get a bit dizzy and unstable when walking around, but not too badly, and mostly i associated it with the vision thing - as in not being so stable because I couldnt see the ground properly. It used to go totally back to normal after sitting down for a while, but not vision is blurry and faded upon sitting, but not always? in the evenings, the mornings - it seems to be relatively ok, not perfect. it is now mid afternoon and everything looks awful even through I have been sitting down for about 20 showers and baths also make it go blurry. I believe this is called uhlhoff's syndrome?

also, when walking, i can sort of feel the vibrations in my eyeballs and they feel like they are jiggling around.

I have had strange, relatively short (3 weeks?) episodes of numbness in my face and across my midsection - never totally numb, just silightly and it usually goes away. i have it in the left side of my face at the moment, not too bad and it seems to be fading away, but who knows.

I had numerous nighttime charleyhorses over the summer. i still get them once in a while, but not as much.

In the past few weeks, some new developments - tingly hands and feet, very mild but definitely not my imagination. also have discovered that when I bend my chin to my chest there is a definite electric shock type feeling in the backs of my legs. again, very mild, but not my imagination.

I get migraines (?) or, at least, very bad headaches centred directly on the left side of my brain, which I always attributed to a hearing deficiency ("sudden deafness syndrome") that got me in June 2001. It took about 2/3 of my hearing in my left ear and as a result i have tinnitus there, not severely but still annoying sometimes.

i have also been getting stiff legs from sitting at my desk, but that could just be from sitting there for too long. i bump into things a lot, but i ahve anways been clumsy.

any thoughts on the likelihood of MS? i have been up and down about the whole thing, i am trying to keep optimistic in the hope that this stuff will go away and leave me alone. i am having an MRI on monday, but dont get the results for ages. i am trying to get in to see a neurologist soon because I am really sick of not knowing. the doctors over her (i live in london, england) tend to dismiss things taht you say as "depression" so they are very frustrating to deal wtih.

any thoughts would be greatly appreiated.thanks.

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