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Hi all,

Just a few questions about the dreaded ON. I dont really understand how it works, and online searching doesn't come up much other than "linked to MS" which, although i have other MS-type symptoms, doesn't really help much. the neuro-opthamologist recently said I had ON.

The vision in my left eye is weaker than my right. If i cover my right eye, things get more blurry and it seems as though the left periferal vision is more blotted out. Colours are not as bright as they used to be, but they aren't dim. and i did terribly on that board test when you try and see the numbers under the coloured dots.

it started very gradually (October 2003) and I had no idea what was going on for ages, nor did I even really notice it. I thought i just needed glasses. it took about 7 months for the changes to come on full force, and i dont seem to remember any pain, although i do remember irritation like an eyelash in the eye feeling. Over summer 2004, it was really bad. It is now less bad but still pretty terrible.

Overall, the thing that gets me most about it is the blurry vision whenever I walk somewhere. I believe this is called Ulhoff's syndrome, an exacerbation of symptoms with a raising of body temperature. none of my other symptoms get any worse when i go anywhere, just my blurry vision. i can see pretty well after walking the first block, and after that i am at a total loss of focus.

Does ulhoff's synndrome last forever? as in, if my ON goes away totally, or to the best point it can, will that blurryness upon walking always be tehre? it is driving me crazy. can it be fixed with glasses at all?

any advice?

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