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Help Me!!!
Feb 17, 2005
I am new please help! This may be a bit long but please bare with me!
About 8 years ago I fell and hurt my right side. I didn't go to the doctor and see if I hurt anything.. Just 2weeks ago I was experiencing Numbness, Tingling, and Clumsiness. It has gotten worse. My family members would ask me something and I look at them with a blank stare. I would be very confused about what they asked me. I am usually sharp at asking questions. Then the numbness and tingling went from my legs and feet to the trunk of my body and face. Oh and they headaches a just unbearble at times!!!Sometimes I would have sharp pains in my chest to my back from breathing. I went to the doctor and my right side isn't functioning correctly. I am dragging my right leg as I walk. One morning I woke up to get my daughter ready for school and I tried to get up and I fell right back down. My waist down was Numb! The numbness has gotten so bad I found myself beating my legs just to [I]try[/I] to wake them up. At that point enough was enough. I went to the Er and they ended up keeping me. Its hard to walk at times. My legs sometimes feel so weak that I can't walk. At the hospital they did a MRI AND a CT scan but they came back normal. They don't know why my Arms and legs are numb. My hands shake uncontrolliblity ( Please Excuse the spelling) Its very hard to fall asleep and when I do get some sleep I am very tired still. I can get 10 hours of sleep and wake up very tired! PLEASE HELP!

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