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I had the limp leg (and my arm participated too) when I awoke from sleep. That's what started my current quest for a diagnosis. It was weird in that the sensation returned fairly quickly, but it was startling enough that I can't just ignore it. I've had symptoms of MS on and off through the years. My brain MRI was negative, but there is some sort of old lesion or cyst showing up on my cervical spine. I'm going to an MS specialist on Wed if this Northeast weather permits.
Gee, isn't Sjogrens enough for one beloved soul to deal with? I had read that it mimics MS including all of the neuro symptoms.
Is there some reason you aren't comfortable with your dx? If I don't get an MS dx I was going to pursue Sjogrens next.
I'm sorry you are suffering so much-it does sound like a good neuro and and MRI would help to put your mind at ease.
Blessings and prayers coming your way.

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