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Hi, I have had many symptoms for about 25 to 30 years and many things have been found. It started with terrible back,leg,throat and adominal pains. Lots of strep throat, mono was found sometime in my blood. They found endometreosis, fybromyalgia and sjogren's. I have had two mri's and they have come back ok. Only I am costantly tired, sore, weak, heavy feelings on my body. It hurts to pull wet clothes out of the washer or it is tough to grip things. When I search in my purse I have trouble making my fingers either grip what I need or feel. I haven't figured it out yet. I feel crippled but yet I look fine. I do have polyarticular arthritus what ever that is. I am always dizzy and unbalanced. My eyes hurt from light (piercing through my eye like a pin.) or they are dry and tired which could be from the sjogren's. The newest most annoying pain that seems to come every other month is this ice cold feeling from the side of my abdomen down my right leg to my foot. Its kind of numb buy not really. There have been episodes of tingling but mostly ice cold sensations. they last from 2 to 4 days. sometimes more or less off an on. The icecold sensation sometimes is on my rt side in my chest area down my arm to hand icecold. Sometimes it chooses my rt. arm. When it is in my abdomen feels like the coldness goes throgh my organs to my back. All my life my skin gets this awfull sensitive feeling that is sore to the touch, any material hurts it. There were two times that my legs have lost feeling about 17 years ago when I got up from a nap I fell to the ground I couldn't feel my lower body or get up. I had to hit and shake my legs to wake them up. A couple years later my rt leg did the same thing, I had to shake it and it layed limp for few seconds maybe a minute. I was very scared. I don't know if any of this means anything. Ive had shooting lighting pains that I have blamed on endometrosis. Seven years ago I had a historectomy. Now I am always confused , loose consentration and forgetful. I am constantly sore, It seems I don't have enough pain meds nothinghelps. I seem to have cycles of things I'll either get loads of sore throats leringitis, virus etc. Or I get urinary tract infections every month now I am having itching attacts mostly on my legs. I have tried Methotrexate. Also four years ago I had shingles. I am medicated for depression and anxety.
Does anyone have any suggestions? I try not to share all this because I am very embarassed and I don't want people to think I'm always complaining, No one seems to understand.

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