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Terry, I can relate to the difficulty in trying to cope with the new situation. I had the sudden change too. Changing roles so quickly in life doesn't give much time to adjust nor accept. I was not able to do much so I listened to books on tapes as well as utilized my humor video library where I keep all the movies that hit my tickle bone. For me, Laughing is an immune booster.

There seems to be so much info about MS being shown on TV, in books, on the computer--everywhere. I think the awareness is a positive. Larry King featured an MS researcher, with an attorney with MS, and Meredith Vierra and her husband Richard Cohen. They mentioned how to get free medicines for MS. There is a way if one cannot afford their drugs.

Montel says that he learned the connection of the brain and the body working together. So he likes to go into his office and stand in his skiis. This simple task for him helps his coordination. Since I've had this eye/cognitive problem, I've been trying to work the brain and the eye as much as I can. I think that is what Montel is doing when he goes into his office and stands in his skiis. Working the brain and his body.

I read the book, Blindsided, by author Richard Cohen. He was dx'd with MS in his 20s. It is sad, but also is an interesting book to read because it gives you insight into the kinds of questions you have. He tells his story plus how he lived with it. EAch MS patient experience is different but again, it gives insight. My best friend was dx'd with MS when she was just 30. It has plateaued.

There's research going on to find how to correct MS. I'm hopeful about the prospect because with the brain imaging technology that we have now, we are making lots of progress in understanding human development and how the brain grows and what causes damage and what promote optimal growth! I'm hoping there is going to be a breakthrough for preventing demyelination and alzheimers and other neurological conditions.

I'm undiagnosed and have been on the quest to see what I can do and would I fit somewhere again to work? Today, it was hot. Heat really bothers me. I started having tremors and shakes. Both my eyes started to hurt. Don't know what that is about. As soon as I was home in the cool house, it stopped.

Sending you hugs! Cal Sun :cool:

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