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Re: Ms Vers Fibro
Mar 30, 2005
I have many of the symptoms of MS such as tingling, weakness, tremors, numbness, heat intolerance, etc, and have been to four neurologists, 2 of whom were MS specialists, and all four have looked at my negative MRI's (of which there are several over 7 years of symptoms,) SSEP, lumbar puncture, bloodwork, etc, and ALL agree that this is not MS, but most likely FMS.

My rheumie says that FMS very often mimics MS in that there are often neuro symptoms (in addition to the pain) and it is now being thought of more as a neurological condition than an inflammatory or auto-immune syndrome. Mayo clinic actually will even diagnose folks with FMS who have neuro symptoms exclusively but NO pain, (at least that's what a fellow FMS sufferer told me.)

Of course, I will keep going to neuros for MRI's to make sure nothing shows up, because the goal with MS is to treat early and aggressively, but so far, all of my MRI's are clean with only one lesion (a syrinx) on the cervical spine that they are keeping half an eyeball on. And if anything changes drastically, I will pursue the MS dx again, as I know the MRI's can turn up negative. One MS specialist said that if it is MS in my case, it would be the most mild case she's ever seen, as there are no findings on neuro exam aside from mildly brisk reflexes. (Tell that to my dragging, heavy legs and my tremoring hands...)

So-in answer to your question, FMS can mimic MS in many ways and is diagnosed by eliminating all of the other stuff. Going forward I believe someone will come up with a more definitive dx, but for now, it is a process of elimination.

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