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Good for you! I hope you do benifit from it. I would considering doing some cleanses to get rid of the all the bad crap in the copaxone that you have been puting in your body for 9 years. I did research Prokarin when I was dixed in March of 2005. I'm not heat sensitive so I dont think I would benifit from it. There is a pharmasist here in my town that has met and talked with her numerous times. He is all for her. I shouldnt say this but he told me all these crab drugs(Avonex, rebif, copaxone, etc.) are bad for you. That MS is such a hard disease and everyone is different and they cant prove that these shots work or not and that they can cause more damage in the long run
(liver damage, heart disease, depression, constipation, etc.) and that I should really research diets. He said diet is sooooo important. He told me to call up Elaine and gave me her # and a video tape of her to watch. I did watch the tape but never called her. He mixes the compound for a few people with MS, but he told me the people that are heat sensitive benifit from it the most.
I did Avonex for 6 months. I had rough time at first, but then after about 3 and 1/2 months I switched to the vials that you mix yourself instead of the pre-filled and I had no flu symptoms. I did itch like crazy though. Something told me way back in my little sub-concious mind that this did'nt feel right, I didn't feel comfortable doing it anymore, and one day(3 weeks ago) I looked at my husband and said " I'm not taking the shot tonight." He was comfortable with it too, he agreed and said " Thats fine dear. Whatever makes you comfortable." That was that. I feel great, I have been eating better and have been taking vitamins and supplements. I do take one prescription drug. Lunesta 3mg, I sleep like a rock and feel like a million bucks when I wake up. I lived on these boards when I first got dixed(Which is PROBABLE MS). I learned alot listening to people. Everyone is different, and MS is a difficult disease to understand. I come by now and then, but dont post much. I'm staying away from Drs for a while. I dont go to a MS specialist anymore. I told my family Dr. (which is the only one I want), that I quit the Avonex, the provigil, the neurontin, the neproxin. She is fine with that and we are just going to do blood work every 6 months to make sure i'm staying in my normal range. She said I'm healthy becides my right arm tingling and being cold all the time. I've been tested for everything under the sun and I dont have squat except Probable Ms of course. She recomended a Lumbar puncture and I siad, no thanks i'm done being probed , I'm going to fly solo awhile and that was that, and thats where I stand now. Sorry so long, i'll shut up now, except for one thing. Research Sun Gazing. It's where you look at the sun right before sunrise and right before sunset. Supposed to let a lot of vitamins in through your eyes. Interesting. Take care and good luck with the Prokarin, can't hurt to try it.

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