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My story started after sexual encoutner where I've came down with CMV, Human herpes 6, mycoplasma, Herpes 1 & 2, and doc says maybe stealth virus. Anyways after 6 months passed after exposure, things starting getting its toll on me.

As of know I feel like I have....

Joint pain, tingling feeling, nasuea, cant think clear, poor concentration, chest pain, tingling in chest, dizziness spell in chest and throughout the body, not feeling so great, constant fatigue, pain in liver ( No hep found), Teeth pain, Gerd, Bluerry vision, (doctor thinks I may have glucoma forming), Cant keep a convo going, always tired, mood swings, itchy, lack of energy, face pain, red rash on my cheeks, cheek bone pain, sinus problem, headaches, stiff neck, sharp shooting pain in top of my head, just feeling really bad, CRP Up.

I also got prostate infection from this..

I know, its becuase of my immune system, how well it reponsed to these virus, thats what I been told.

What do you think ?

I am 21 years old male, just cant think of living like this .

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