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Re: Do I Have MS???
Mar 26, 2005
Hello, I am new to the board also and I have noticed that alot of the symtoms that have been discibed are the same that I am feeling. I have had double vision in the left eye since August and have test for everything (Diabeties, Thyroid, Myastinia gravis) All fine. The eye doctor can't find anything wrong with the eye. Have had 2 brain MRIs and no leisons. They sent me to another neuro who said that he wants me to go to another eye specialist and thinks that the weakness is due to spinal compresion in the cervical spine. I had surgery on this 2 years ago. I feel very fatiqued and have had other problems. Sometimes I am not sure if they are listening to me. I will have an MRI on the cervical spine. My question is this can there be lesions on the spine and not on the brain? I sure hope that all of you can find the answers you are looking for. I hope that I am posting in the correct area. This is new to me. Thank you!
Re: Do I Have MS???
Mar 29, 2005
Dear Gaulty,
Thank you for your reply and encouragement. I apreciate it. Spelling is not my strong point either believe me.
Dear Kara,
I re read your post and you are having alot of the same things I am having and I know what you mean about the MRIs and the first brain one I had was open with out contrast. The report even read that I had contrast when I didn't. THey did another one with and they are negative. I have a cervical MRI the middle of APril.
It can get frustrating when you think you are not being listened to. I don't know if I have MS but I do know there has to be a reason for feeling this way. Keep persuing it and I really wish you the best. This board is great and I think its good to get the encouragement from people who have gone through this. Take care.
I'm in the MS work-up limbo land for the past 6 years.

My suggestion is to get your spine MRI's done, get a lumbar puncture, and if these are negative, proceed to a rheumatologist.

My tests have been negative thus far except for a small cyst on my cervical spine, the MS specialist I saw a month ago repeated the MRI's and I'm awaiting the results.

The rheumie ordered tests to rule out any auto-immune disorders.

Please note that you can still have negative testing for both MS and auto-immune disorders, so you may be in limbo for a while. (Like I said, I've been going through this for 6 years.)

The rheumie is finally concluding that I have fibromyalgia, now that we've pretty much ruled out everything else.

I won't be completely comfortable with this diagnosis until my MRI's come back and the MS specialist gives me her opinion, but I can at least take comfort in knowing that fibro can cause the same types of symptoms.

You might also check out BFS-(did you say you have twitches?)
Crampy type pains and twitches can be brought on by benign fasciculation sydrome, and folks who have this also complain of numbness, tingling, severe subjective weakness (that isn't validated clinically) and brisk reflexes. It is thought to be brought on by a virus. My husband had this, and now I think I've been blessed with it as well, since all of my symptoms have been accompanied by widespread twitching. The twitching can be very painful (mine isn't, thankfully,) which is called benign fasciculation crampy syndrome. The message board is called "about bfs." These poor folks generally worry more about having ALS, since one of the hallmark symptoms is fasciculations, but with ALS, there is measurable and profound weakness prior to the onset of twitching.

I find that board to be very comforting because we all have many of the same symptoms with negative tests. BFS can last for years.


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