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Hi all. I was on the inner ear disorder board since they thought my symptoms were caused by vestibular neuritis. Until the MRI scan. The MRI scan showed 20 white lesions on my brain. My neuro said it could be a number of things, among are migraines(which I have) and possibly autoimmune diseases, including MS. I have had blood for other tests (lyme and some other things..waiting on results) and I go to the neuro this week for other tests - BAER, SSEP and some other one. My symptoms have been for the past 3 months ongoing nausea and imbalance (rocky feeling). This is why I went to the Dr originally. I did have a numbness in my hand for a few days a month or so ago, but it went away. The main symptom was this imbalance feeling. THis prompted the neuro (after seeing a primary and then an ENT, who couldn't find anything) to say I have vestibular neuritis, but ordered and MRI to make sure.
Anyway, I have know about the MRI result for about a week. Over the past few days, I have had weird tingling in my lower legs and feet. It is really scary since this leads me to think it is MS. I have NOT had any vision problems.

Did anyone on here with MS present the nausea and imbalance as the initial symptoms? What about the numbness and tingling? HOw long does it last? How frequent? I am 33 years old and have always been in great health and exercised frequently.

Any feedback would be great here. YOu are all very informative.


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