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Wow! What incredible timing for this thread (inspite of the fact that it was originally posted months ago.) :)

I have had MS for 19 years. I am blessed to only have a mild case. For the first few years I was medicated for every little thing. From sleepy pills to muscle relaxants. I became increasingly alarmed at the line up of pill bottles in my cupboard and made a decision to stop taking them all. I developed a life style that was healthier and more condusive to supporting my symptom relief.

Last July I had a fairly significant set back (first one in over a decade) and landed at the Dr's office and subsequently multiple visits to various specialists. By Feb (05) I found myself on Copaxone. I have been a good patient and taken it everyday in spite of the injection site reactions (deep bruising, loss of mobility and one incident of nerve damage.)

I have been researching various approachs and am looking to stop taking Copaxone. Perpaps this month.

My symptoms are a part of my life that I would not want to be without. I know that sounds terrible but they have helped me to be a better person, mother and wife. My compassion for others is better developed as a direct result of my experiences with MS. My physical ailments allow me to focus more holistically on my life. They are my "norm". Having MS made me focus on the really important things in my life. I was forced to do the things on "my stuff do to before I die" list before I became unable to do them. MS is my dance partner and as I try to not step on it's toes I remain hopeful that it will not step on mine. If we work together we can develop a beautiful rythym.

My response to this disease is in no way intended to devalue or deminish others' experiences. It is my reality and in a strange way I am grateful.

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