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Hi, could you please help me out?

I'm having a multitude of symptoms and can't decide which dr to see. For a month now I've been having this tingling, sometimes burning sensation on my legs, tighs, feet, hands, arms, shoulders, sometimes on the side of my face, Usually it's on my legs, but when it's getting worse it's kind of spreading around my body. (In my hands and feet I've had a tingle for years, it's because of Topamax. I take it for Epilepsy). The tingle makes me feel like scrathing my body!! :nono:
If I'm thinking of something stressful, the tingling sensation gets worse.
If I sleep well (usually it takes a sleeping pill) I wake up feeling normal.

During the last few weeks I've also suffered from backaches and sciatica pain that radiates down my right leg, plus lumbago, tachycardia, panic attacks, I'm stressed and nervous all the time, and suffer from insomnia. It's like I'm "on" all the time and can't stop. I believe I'm suffering from some sort of an anxiety disorder but what REALLY puzzles me is this:
I had a routine MRI for Epilepsy in February and there was some "extra" (I later heard there was very little of it) white matter found. My neuro told me this over the phone which caused me to freak out and believe I have MS. (I've had a very mild optic neuritis 5 years ago, since then no problems.) I was so confused as she first told me the MRI was fine (Epilepsy wise), and then just, "oh, by the way, there is this white matter thing....."

Promptly after this episode (in just hours within the phone call) I developed the tingle, and it's continued ever since. I see it as my "breaking point" as I've been under and enormous pressure for such a long time.
Two GPs have thought the lower limb tingle is because of my back problems, but since I sometimes experiece it all over, I'm so confused!!

What do you make of this? Does this sound like MS, or something else?
As for the white matter, what does it really mean? My neuro mentioned aging is a factor (I'm 40), with age there's supposed to be more of it.

Thank you for reading this, I'm sorry it's so long.
Take care everyone, and have a nice day.

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