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Re: Work & MS
Mar 31, 2005
[QUOTE=rachel4123]dear sunshine,

I cannot answer your question, since i have not yet been dx, but almost sure i have this. I wanted to ask you though, what were your initial symptoms and on what tests did they dx you? did you have lesions on brain, etc. Also, how long if any do your relapses last?? how long on remissions, etc? Just wondering. I am 33, but think I have hda this for a while and am having a bout with imbalance and nausea for 3 months.[/QUOTE]


My initial smptoms were ON in one eye, numbness from the crotch to my feet, knee buckling in one leg, one-sided numbess on the face and tongue. My flare-ups have lasted from several months (the first one) to a couple of weeks. Symptoms have never been as severe as the first flare-up. I have been averaging 1 relapse a year for 8 years but haven't missed work because of it, I'm able to take oral steroids and continue through it. Initial MRI for the first year didn't show any lesions then subsquent ones whowed lesions.

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