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Worried it MS
Apr 4, 2005
Hello All,

im new to this but would appreciate some help. I have always suffered with pins and needles down my left leg it always went away quickly and i presumed it was a trapped nerve. then about 3 months ago i strated getting pins and needles down my left side they went away within half an hour. i then had some problems with my left eye, it just felt funny and swollen and my vision was slightly blurred with pain behind the eye my GP refered me to the eye clinic where i had a visual field test which was normal they discharged me and said nothing was wrong then a few days later i started with 2 floaters in my right eye. about a week since i started with a muscular pain in my left calf muscle and then 4 days ago i started with pins and needles down my left hand side that havn't gone away they have spread to my whole body and have left me with a tingling sensation all over my body and my muscles ache so bad especially in my upper body. at the same time i have had a terrable pain behind my left eye and cheek bone. my other symptoms include being unable to become sexually aroused this has been for about 5 months now and i always seem to be tired. i saw my GP this mornign who said he want to do some blood tests i am worried it could be MS and think im goign insane does anyone have any ideas or have they experienced similar symptoms???

any help is much appreciated


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