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That is crazy you have to wait that long. Where are you from? I got my MRI appointment in 6 days. When I went to my MS Neuro spec. (who was recomended to me by Allen Bowling.) I took my copys of my MRI for her to see and she said If she didnt like them she would set me up with another MRI that same day! I keep reading how long people have to wait and it's just rediculous!!! There is no way I would wait that long, are you kidding me? I was wreck knowing I might have ms, and I only waited for like 11 days.
My First appointment was Jan 26th(at a Quick care), said my symptoms soudned like ms. Had MRI Feb 2nd. Saw neuro with results on Feb 8th. I was so confused and upset that I wanted an ms specialist to tell me I have MS. So I found one and, she says I have PROBABLE MS. I am currently going to her now and I'm on Avonex. If you can start treatment within the first 2 years it benifits you the most. Thats why it makes me so mad that some of you have to wait up to a year and a half just for an MRI. I would travel to somewhere that can get you in sooner. I travel 3 hours to see my neuro, but it's worth it. Good Luck.


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