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Burning sensation
Apr 20, 2005
I have not been diagnostis with MS but have had many symptoms in the last 10 yr. have gone through all the test all were neg. except my spinal had high levels of IgG and Albumin but to bands. My Neuro Dr. thinks it could possibly be MS or something but nothing for now that was 5 yrs. ago. lost my health insurance and finally symptoms went away. In the last 6 months things have started returning, numbness, tingling in a arms and legs, sharp pain in left eye, mainly left side. but my biggest complain is burning of the skin it feels like someone is brushing hot pepper on my skin, my face small strips, legs, arms, stomach. Strangest feeling not in one place changes constantly. It really feels like when you've gotten hot pepper on your skin. has anyone else felt this sensation, even had the same burning on palms of my hands. think my Drs. think I'm crazy.
My other question is I finally got insurance Medicaid how sad hate to be in this situation, wondering if i should see my Dr. again or wait and see how things go. hate not knowing but feel something is wrong.
Hi Cookie,
I have the same burning feeling. Mine is in my thighs, and in the palms of my hand...when I get it in my hands it makes me want to itch it until it is raw.
I have not been dx with MS but my mother has and she also has the same sensations in her legs and arms.
I think that you sould go see someone about this, seeing as you dr thought 5 yrs ago you may have MS.

Good Luck,
let us know what happenes
Starlet :angel:

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