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My first symptoms (about 100 yrs ago!) were numbness/weakness on my left side. My left side continues to be my weak side. My knees would buckle (and still do) on a fairly regular basis, making me fall, but I attributed it to knee surgery I'd had when I was 12. I was known as the 'family klutz' because I'd trip and stumble so much (my specialty is falling UP the stairs - go figure). As for the fatigue, looking back I think I was (am) always fatigued, but before dx, I remember thinking I was not as well-equipped to handle physical exertion as others might be. I didn't seem to have the energy and drive that my friends and coworkers did, but I just chalked it up to my slower metabolism, disinterest, overwork, or just plain laziness ( :yawn: ). Much later I went into ON and other sx.


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