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Help - Ms?
May 11, 2005
I have had medical problems for the past 4 1/2 years. Much of it relating to the spine and brain. I had cervical anterior diskectomy surgery with plating 2 1/3 years ago. I had rib dissection surgery (upper 2 left ribs removed) for thoracic outlet syndrome and pressure on arteries. I have probelms in my thoracic spine. Severe scoliosis and kyphosis. Multiple herniated discs and compression fractures thru years. Impression on cord and large spurs leaning on cord at T 4/5. Have brain lesions and diagnosed with cerebral ischemia in 2001. Mini-strokes affecting left side.

My main problem though is with my left-side "episodes". They've happened consistently over the past 4 years. About every 3-6 weeks or so. When they happen... I have numbness around my left eye, pain in left side of head. Some eye trouble and feel out of fous at times. Get numbness, weakness, soreness into left arm, left hip, and down left leg into foot. Tremendous pain over my left rib cage. The numbness is like a flushing sensation that spreads... somewhat like when novacaine takes affect and spreads with a moderate pins and needles sensation. I have severe fatigue with these. The first 1-2 days are intense and then it tapers off and leaves a residual soreness on my left side. I can barely get out of bed at first and sometimes don't... just ride it out.

I've had a couple of specialists say there is a high probability that I have MS. A couple of others say no. My main neurologist leans to ischemia but won't rule out MS. I had a spinal tap a couple of years ago but it wasn't conclusive (didn't show bands?). But 4 of the 7 CSF criteria were High and out of range. High protein consistent with spinal cord injuries. Anyways, it's these episodes that keep grinding me down. And I guess its difficult for the doctors to say what's caused by spinal problems, versus brain, and ischemia or MS.

So does any of this sound familiar to anyone with MS? I'm definitely affected by heat and it seems to sometimes bring on an episode. Do these episodes sound in any way consistent with MS? Looking for help. Thank you.


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