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My regular doctor ordered a brain MRI recently which showed eight "foci" that could be some kind of plaques from MS. So he wants to send me to a university teaching hospital to confirm the diagnosis, but they can't get me in for six months. I don't think I can wait that long!

Fortunately, right now I have the kind of insurance I can find my own specialists without referrals, but have NO idea how to find out which neurologists specialize in MS. Or is any neurologist supposed to be able to diagnose me?

Do I need to find an "MS" center? Or just find any neurologist in the area?

Also...does anyone know if these little "foci" they found in my brain could actually be blood clots instead? I am having problems with blood clots elsewhere & I think it could be a possibility, but don't know how to find out. My regular doctor won't even let me ask him about this possibility. He shuts me down everytime I try to mention I am trying to figure out how to find a good regular doctor also.

My MRI test results read "multiple punctate areas of increased signal alteration within the periventricular white...they are small in size, but numerous, greater than 8 foci are identified...demyelinating plaques from MS cannot be excluded...this may represent nonspecific areas of white matter signal alteration..."

Does that sound familiar to you guys? Do you think they could be seeing blood clots? This MRI was done without contrast.

Thanks! By the way, I live in Michigan and I'm wondering if MS doctors are limited around here...

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