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I belong to a few different MS message boards and just found this one this morning.

I was dx with SPMS (Secondary Progressive MS) on Oct 25, 2004. I had been having a lot of trouble with my walking since 2001 when I fell on some ice on my front porch and badly injured my left knee.

At that time they just thought it was a bad sprain and only took x-rays and told me to go to PT which I didn't do. Well over time my walking got much worse and my balance was terrible too, so in Sept. 2004 I went back to the orthopedic dr.

He did an MRI of the knee and found torn cartilage and wanted to do arthoscopic surgery on the knee to try to repair it. But before he did that he wanted me to go and see a neuro for the way that I was walking.

I have bad spastic gait. So I went to the neuro and he knew right away from watching me walk that this wasn't because of the knee injury I had. I had all the blood work done and an MRI of the brain and spine and an LP.

The blood work came back normal, the MRI showed a heavy load of lesions on either side of my brain and also in the neck area of my spine with severed nerves in the neck area of the spine. The LP (or spinal tap) showed 9 OG bands and a high myline level.

I had what was probably and attack in 1998 with numbness from the waist down. But now it is just steady progression, hence the SPMS dx. I have many problems from the MS, mainly my walking though. I went from using a cane in October to using a Rollator (4 wheel walker with seat) now :eek: .

But I am doing okay with this dx I guess, I have my pity parties now and then but basically okay. Sorry this was so long, just wanted to say :wave: to all of you. My Best wishes are going out to all of you now......... :) !

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