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Jun 6, 2005
I recently read you have tingling in your arm. How long has it been that way? I have had the tingling and cold feeling in my right arm for about 5 months now. I recently had a mri of my neck and spine, they found a bulging disc in my neck between discs 5 and 6. So I was sent to have a steroid injection 2 weeks ago and I still have the tingling. I called the Dr. and told them the steroid injection didnt work and they suggested I take Ib profin and do some physical therapy(No thanks), or do another steroid injection. I was just wondering if it's just something you live with everyday or at some point does it go away? I'd love some imfo on this if you can help. Thanks,
Re: Fancycanelady
Jun 7, 2005
Moon, I have tingling arms (both, but more on right side). Sometimes my entire right arm "goes to sleep" for a while. Neurosurgeon said I have "classic symptoms of spinal cord compression" but MRI and x-rays with flexion show nothing at all. My next appt. is in 9 days, I promise to share what I find out. Please do the same? Thanks!
Re: Fancycanelady
Jun 7, 2005
I've had the tingling for about a month now. It comes and goes, and now the right arm is doing the same. I see my neuro today for a followup on my MSdx. Will let you know what he says. If you have a bulging disc, is there a possibility that surgery would fix the problem or is it in an area that is inoperable?

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