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Oh for Pete's sake, Kelli, I had that "unmentionable" experience last night and was thinking I would never be able to bring it up! Linda, I have thought of a number of ways to describe it: 1. At first I kept reaching for my cell phone. 2. For a while it was as if a cat's purr had inhabited my lower spine. 3. After that there was a spell where it was a constant pulsing in my lower back. 4. It definitely started when I bent my neck forward - both legs (and later arms) would go numb. I found that described as L'Hermittes sign after sorting through all the strange stuff I got when I did a web search for "vibrating sensation in spine"! 5. The sensation of an electrical shock. This is probably the most precise description. I used to do electrical work and am VERY familiar with that sensation! Most frustrating to me is that it has evolved over the past (exactly) 3 months. When I try to describe it to the neurologist I stammer and go blank. But most disturbing to me is that for the past month I've had times where my entire right arm "goes to sleep" - it happened again about half an hour ago while I was out running errands.
I saw a neurosurgeon before I saw a neurologist. He said I have "classic symptoms of spinal cord compression", but MRI and x-rays showed nothing at all. Have you had any tests? Believe me, I know how intensely annoying and distracting it is, I'm praying you get answers (and BETTER) soon!

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