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Trying really hard to not be alarmist or hypochondriac but I have symptoms that I think warrants investigation but would like opinions from others. For the last 15 years, I've had "itchy muscles". Don't know how else to describe it other than a deep itching, ticking in my muscles in my thighs and back. Lately, I had bouts of light headedness, where it felt as if someone has grabbed the top of my brain and moved it back and forth, can't remember words or events, horrible fatigue that seems to alleviate in the evening (usually when I'm home on the weekends, I have been very guilty of taking two hour naps and still felt sleepy). I have been playing racquetball every week and just about every muscle in my body hurts (I'm also 40 years old so that may be age related). I don't know how reliable it is since I'm not a doctor, but I've had a friend run a pen from my heel to my two and my big toe does go up and slight fanning of the other toes (Babinski Reflex). I don't necessary believe all these things could point to Multiple Sclerosis but the reason I would even suspect it is that my mother had it.

I discussed some of these symptoms with my doctor yesterday and he doesn't believe any of them would point to MS but is running a blood test on me anyway. Does anyone know of a blood test that would raise a flag for MS. I really like my Doc. but am afraid that he may think I'm a hypochondriac (have been on antidepressants on an off for awhile now and I'm sure that doesn't help his opinion of me). Not really good about pushing for tests since I fear this perception. Any thoughts or opinions would be very helpful.

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