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Re: For lilc
Jun 23, 2005
Yes...but I can't say I scratched myself black & blue..more like "raw" because the itch was so maddening that I took a hairbrush to it. Desperate times call for desperate measures, isn't that what they say?

Sorry you're being tormented. I don't know which is worse...the itch or pain. Either one can keep you awake and drive you batty.

How many years back can you trace that symptom?

After I learned the symptoms of MS, I figured out that my first recollection of the problem was back in `94. But MS mimics so many other things. I had no clue.'s late and we have record heat coming Friday (upper 90's with heat index projected at 105- ugh!) so I am going to get some rest. Don't want to add tiredness to the hot weather..that's too much on this old bod!

You have a GREAT night! I am still praying for you!

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