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I have had 1 brain MRI's and 2 cervical MRI's. First in October when I had my first bad episode and another in february to rule out Devic's. All normal. I have had alot of pretty bad symptoms for a while now. They have ruled out everything else. I saw a neuro at the MS clinic. He is a DO but said that since I have had normal MRI's it is unlikely that I have MS but wants to do a LP to make sure it isnt something else. I had meningitis in 99. He said that could be connected. I dont know how, and I have a sister with Lupus but they tested me for that already. To be honest the spinal tap scares the bejesus out of me. I had one when I had Meningitis and it was pretty awful. If it is so unlikely that it is MS why put myself through that. I am so confused. I know that there is definately something going on. I had another MRI earlier this month because I had another episode. I had to go to my old neuro because I was still waiting to see the MS clinic. They just said over the phone it was normal. I havent seen the results but I would assume there was nothing on it. I just KNOW something is going on. That is what I told both of the Drs. I know my body. I know that this is wrong. I shouldnt have episodes that prevent me from walking. I shouldnt have weeks of burning around my ribs and up and down my legs. I shouldnt have a leg that vibrated so hard I expected the bed to be vibrating too. I do know I have had 3 bouts of ON, this has been confirmed. Sorry, I really just needed to vent. This is so frustrating. Has anyone else had normal MRI's with symptoms with CLEAR relapses and remissions. (I actually went 2 months feeling good with very little problems from April to June) only to have it confirmed later that there was MS?

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