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For the past couple of weeks I've been browsing this site, and found myself increasingly concerned that my symptoms match so many of those described here. I've always enjoyed excellent health, and the recent onset and acceleration of symptoms I'm experiencing has me feeling scared. About 6 weeks ago I felt burning on the sole of my right foot, which then spread to both feet, up legs, and to head and face, and inside ears. (I recall experiencing the same sensation some years ago, but only on the head, and I associated with a bout of sciatica). The burning continued, but pain developed also, along with dizzy spells, numbess, tingling, sharp, needling pains, aching, cramp-like pain, mostly in legs and hips. The most recent development is the pain in my arms, hands and shoulders. I continue to have strange burning and tingling sensations in all extremities and on head and face - even affecting my jaw and teeth, and also eye pain. I'm also noticing varying degrees of twitching, in all parts of my body. This is most pronounced in my hands and feet. I suffer from unbearable fatigue some days, and work can be such an effort. At the end of a bad day, all I can do is get home and flop onto the sofa for the whole evening. (This is just not my usual style! I'm normally very active, holding down a demanding full time job, part time teaching, studying, family responsibilities, keeping fit). This fatigue is not new, but has plagued me for a couple of years. However, I've been associating this, along with heavy, crampy legs, with the menopause.

I've seen my GP once, and have an appointment to see him again on 27th. Initial routine blood tests are all normal. Wouldn't inflammation have shown up in the blood test if this were MS? Should I ask to be referred to a neurologist?

I'm really concerned. Yesterday I felt dreadful, and I'm questioning whether I'm up to a trip to week's study school away from home which I have planned for next week. I really don't know if I can face it.

Any advice would be very welcome. Apologies for writing so much.

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