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Hi Michelle!

I totally understand your anger. Keep your chin up, though. There ARE good doctors out there!

The upside of your neuro telling you that he can't help you anymore is that regardless of the manner in which he stated that fact, he did at least say so! Some doctors won't. Ego gets in the way with some...but others are jewels. And like anything worth having, sometimes you have to search hard for them. I think getting a second opinion is wise.

Also...the symptoms you describe do occur with MS. But know this: MS mimics many other things...and getting an MS diagnosis can be a long process of elimination. It is not something diagnosed as easily as the flu. Its symptoms can come and go over a number of years...your MRI's and CT scans can come back clear for years. Then finally one day, for those who do have MS, the lesions show up.

I am told that this hide and seek game takes place because for a time the neural pathways that are damaged by MS will heal themselves...but like picking a scab too often, the more they are continually damaged, the more likely they will end up scarring, hence: Multiple Sclerosis.

Check in on this MS board often, Michelle. We've all been through this anger, fear, frustration and uncertainty. There are a MANY wonderful, compassionate people here who will encourage you and answer your questions to the best of their ability. Hang in there!

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