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Hi everyone,

I finally had an MRI done on June 24th and just got the results - brain is normal - no signs of lesions but they did find "osteochondral bar deformity" on my neck. This may only result in some pins and needles but not the dizziness I suffer from. The neuro (who wasn't very helpful) said I probably had an ear infection (well then I must still have it!) Then he said it was probably anxiety. (Yeah sure!!! Okay!!) I am going for a second opinon as they cannot lump all my symptoms into one bag.

Has anyone had a normal MRI only to get diagnosed later? I have another MRI booked in August - should I do it?

Here is some history:

I am 34 yrs old (35 now!) and have yet to be diagnosed with MS. IMy first encounter with what I call a bag of mixed symptoms occured in 2001. I ended up staying home from work for over 2 weeks - to weak and dizzy to go anywhere. In 2004 the symptoms appeared in May and lasted another 2 weeks. Again, no work and to weak to do anything. Then in October 2004 the same thing! Many visits to the emergency room and I was dismissed with having "aniexty attacks"! (Believe me, I am not suffering from aniexty!)

I know I am not nuts but I have to question myself sometimes. Others just don't seem to understand how someone can feel so bad, so often.

Some of my symptoms include dizziness which seem to be more frequent around lunchtime (yes, I eat well), pins and needles in my feet and legs, very cold feet at times, nausea, and a tingly feeling throughout my body. Sometimes if I lay in one position for to long I get numb. I have never fallen down yet but walking has become a chore. I find myself short of breath at times and at times I have a general feeling of weakness throughout my body.

I have had numerous tests done and all seemed to be fine except for an evoked potential which showed nerve damage in my right leg (demyelination is what the tech said). My follow up with the neuro is in April and I am waiting for an MRI (takes up to one year - have many months to go).

Since Ocotober I have these bad feelings come and go. Dizziness, pins and needles in my feet and nausea seem to be the most frequent problems I am having right now.

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