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Jul 20, 2005
I am new to this board, but not new to feeling bad all the time. I was just wondering if anyone may have or had these symptoms. When the fatigue hits me its like someone took a syringe and sucked all the life out of me all i want to do is lay because my body feels so bad, my legs and arms are so heavy, I have cried i was so exhausted, I have had this feeling were from my head to my toes it felt like every nerve in my body was pulsating, pain in my calves like i have had muscle cramps vibrating feelings , bottom of feet burning and vibrating sensations, some days my hands shake like i'm nervous, double vision far away but not up close, pains shooting up the back of my head and above my right ear sometimes thru the top of my right ear, and my arm and yes i have back pain that started like a burning on my tail bone about 2yrs ago but now has turned to pain. my fatigue started about march and i got up last thurs 7-14-05 fatigue gone but all the other things the same just that my headache started yesterday 7-19-05.

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