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Re: So confused
Jul 22, 2005 joke. With the exception of fullblown optic neuritis, your symptoms are IDENTICAL to what I experienced and that set me on the path toward a dx of MS. Even the pressure behind the right eye and fullness in the ear AND the MRI!!!EVERYTHING but the ON!

The doc probably won't dx on the first visit. With most of us, it has been one or two MRI's with/without contrast...lumbar puncture..and evoked potentials.

I did the self-diagnosis thing for YEARS. MS mimics soooo many other illnesses and problems. I thought I just had especially bad sinuses for nearly 20 years, and I am NOT kidding! I attributed other symptoms to other's too easy to do.

If they do a lumbar puncture, PLEASE don't be afraid! The procedure has changed SO much over the years! My sister had one the old fashioned way (about 20 years ago) so I was terrified when I had to have mine! But my neuro ordered an LP with fluoroscopy...and the doc was GREAT. All I felt was the slightest tiny pinch and it was over so fast! I am SUCH a coward about these things, but I can encourage you in this with full confidence because I have been through it!

You asked what your first appt would be like...? After I had an MRI, I saw the neuro..who checked my reflexes, eyes, strength, abilities to balance and walk straight, and who basically just asked a lot of questions. Then I had the LP and the EP's (painless...just boring!) and he derived a dx from those things.

You can get through this! Have faith! And talk to us anytime you want on this board. We ALL know what it's like to be scared when the docs aren't sure what's wrong!

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