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Hi everyone, I have a weird bunch of symptoms that come and go, and it is driving me nuts. An MRI showed "a few hyperintense white foci" in T2 - "consistant with demylination, nonspecific" WHATEVER that means, DR. said not to worry. Been dx a couple of times for TIAs, ANA levels were elevated twice, normal once. Also, been told I have fibromyalgia.
Here's my list of symptoms, I know it is kinda long, but I don't have them all at the same time, LOL, thank God!
1 Extremely itchy skin all over, including scalp, for about the last 4 months, dr gave me antihistimines, which do help.
2 My left thumb has been numb for 2 days now, a few years ago my big toe was like that for about 6 months.
3 Sensation of heat and feeling like someone is rubbing their finger in my left ear, I know, weird huh?
4 Fatigue
5 Memory problems, I really hate this the most, like when people say remember when we... and I don't.
6 Sensation of heaviness in my groin area. Along with pain that causes me to limp, feels like I tried to do a split and pulled something. I've had back pain for years, but I have disc problems, so I don't know if it is related to that or not.
7 General pain that comes and goes, chest muscles, shoulders etc.
8 All the fibro tender points
9 My legs often kick around wildly when I am trying to go to sleep. This seems to run in my family though. Feels like a tension building in my hip and leg, then something like an electric jolt and my leg draws up and then kicks out.
Wow, I REALLY didn't mean to leave such a long message, thanks to those of you that managed to make it this far without dozing off. I am a mom to 4 kids, including one with autism, and all this stuff is really getting in the way of giving them all the attention that they deserve.

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