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Well I've been feeling "weird" for a few months. But I hate doctors (have issues) and think @ 23 years of age, I should be pretty h ealthy. But a friend of mine was diagnosed w/ MS and I remember (this was about 4 years ago) some of her symptoms were the same.... now my biggest hurdle is talking to the doctor. I should have never looked it up. I know I shouldn't have. Now my brain is going 100mph, I don't know WHAT to think, maybe it's all in my head? I don't know.... if anyone has any insight, an email would be great [i] [ please read and follow the posting rules - no emails ] [/i]These are my symptoms

[B]Optic Neuritis Blurred vision, eye pain, loss of colour vision, blindness this one being blurred and eye pain[/B]
[I]Also, I have found I am having a hard time reading. Near or close. Words jump, or bunch together or blur real bad [/I]

[B]Muscle weakness - partial or mild paralysis [/B]
[I]This being the MAJOR part. There are times I get SO weak or SO stiff, I just plain out can't move. If I sit too long, or when I wake up int he morning. I'm only 23 I shouldn't be like that YET! Although bad bones do run in my dads family [/I]

[B]Spasticity Loss of muscle tone causing stiffness, pain and restricting free movement of affected limbs[/B]
[I] I think this touches w/ above [/I]

[B]Dysarthria Slurred speech and related speech problems[/B]
[I] This minorly... or just trying to find a word. It can be a TOTALLY stupid word, but I can't think of it for the life of me [/I]

[B]Muscle Atrophy Wasting of muscles due to lack of use
Spasms, Cramps Involuntary contraction of muscles [/B] [I] Yup! Charlie horses, they feel like. Quite painful[/I]

[B]Restless Leg Syndrome Involuntary Leg Movements, especially bothersome at night [/B]
[I]BAD on this one! I had this when pregnant w/ my middle daughter, but it went away totally when she was born. It's back :( [/I]

[B]Paraesthesia Partial numbness, tingling, buzzing and vibration sensations[/B]
[I]My legs and arms. They are going numb quite often. Daily, I'd say [/I]
Intention tremor Shaking when performing fine movements[/B]
[I]I am a very hands on, crafty person. I can barely handle detail work anymore :( [/I]

[B]Vestibular Ataxia Abnormal balance function in the inner ear [/B]

[B]Vertigo Nausea/vomitting/sensitivity to travel sickness from vestibular ataxia [/B]
[I]Some of these scared me when reading them... b/c I am like WOAH that's me too :'( I have been car sick the last 4 times we've traveled [/I]

[B]Speech Ataxia Problems coordinating speech, stuttering[/B]
[I] No stuttering. I'm fine typing, totally fine. But when it comes to talking, lately, I have been @ a loss for words. I can't remember what I was saying or why, so then I can't finish my thought. The words just won't come [/I]

Some of these are embarassing, but I trust you have all been here....., so bear w/ me or scroll past.

[I]There have been days when I don't pee at all. As in 24 hours. I drink like normal [/I]

[B]Frigidity Inability to become sexually aroused [/B]
[I]I am a nympho... anyone who knows me, knows that. If I'm not doing it, I'm thinking it or talking about it. All Andy used to have to do is TOUCH me and I was raring to go. Now.. absolutely NO libido. None at all. I CAN reach orgasm. But only thru oral sex or self masturbation. That's the only way :( This is NOT normal for me[/I]

Constipation Infrequent or irregular bowel movements [/B]
[I]I thought maybe it was my gall bladder surgery. But I was told it'd make me go MORE. I can go upwards of 4-5 days w/o a BM. Then when I do go... it's not "normal" [/I]

[I] I battle w/ myself on this one... there are times I think I am, times I think I'm not :-/ I'm stubborn about admitting medical things.... [/I]

[B]Cognitive dysfunction Short-term and long-term memory problems, forgetfulness,[/B]
[I] slow word recall this was mentioned above. Also, I can't remember. Like the other day I could NOT remember what color my room was, growing up. NOW I know my dad painted it "pepto bismol" pink when I was SIX, it was that way until I moved out @ age 16. Another is I couldn't remember WHERE the bathroom was in my house or what color it was-I was @ Menards thinking what flooring would look best. Things don't come to me until about an hour later, but it's not like I can SAY anything, Andy (husband) would be sending me to the nut house![/I]

[B]Mood swings, emotional lability, euphoria[/B]
[I] Worse than ever. I can get TOTALLY pissed @ anything and everything. Then BAM next time, it's funny. This is another major one [/I]

[I] Here we go again... admitting. I *think* I've been having panic attacks. Just minor ones, but ones nonetheless and I'm NOT a highly anxious person. I'm pretty easy going [/I]

[B]Aphasia, Dysphasia Impairments to speech comprehension and production[/B]
[I]Touched on numerous times... this is a biggie for me too. I thought I had brain damage or something :( Seriouslly... as stupid as that sounds [/I]

[I] Just all together weird sleep patterns. Like now, it's 1a.m. I haven't been to sleep since 3am yesterday. That's when I woke up. (so 22 hours of up time)Othertimes I DRAG to stay away until 8pm! [/I]
Uhthoff's Symptom Increase in severity of symptoms with heat[/B]
[I] I feel slightly more "out of it" when in heat. I can't focus. And I become VERY stiff. Also, after a hot bath/shower[/I]

[B]Sleeping Disorders[/B]

Okay... now that that's off my chest. I feel kind of better to get it out. Kind of ****** b/c soem of that stuff said scares me. Badly. Kind of nervous, b/c I don't feel I'll TELL my doctor. I am definately mentioning the stiff body, speech and sleeping problems though (along w/ my ear!!!)

Am I crazy? I know everyone says "talk to your doctor" and if I had a doctor that I LOVED like I used to... I would. This lady is nice, Andy really likes her. But they are small town, kwim? And it's my primary physician, so w/o referal, I'm not covered to see anyone else :(

I'm bad w/ going to the doctor. I hate it. Because it NEVER turns out good. And I don't awnt Andy mad at me for "lying", but he saw my great grandma, my grandma, and now my mom as she is following in their footsteps. Something is ALWAYS wrong. That's why I hate doctors, prescription companies, taking meds, etc.

Ugh... I'm gonna shut up now :( Sorry for doing this....

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