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mine has always been the same symptoms plus a new one,,, like the first few yrs it was my eye sight in one eye,, and went away after a few months always in the summer,, would start about end of june and by the end of sept i would be back to normal,,, i kept passing that off,,, and the next yr it did it again same months plus my hand was tingly,, passed it off,,, and finally the summer of 2001 the eye sight went again,, and i was numb on the whole right side of my body,, went to get glasses thinking that was the problem with the eyes,, glasses were ordered when they came in 2 weeks later,,, was a no go,, checked my eyes again, he sent me to an opthanuerologist,,,, she did the testing,, ordered the mri and blood work,, she said it could be MS or diabetes,,, came back and she said it was ms and sent me to a nuerologist which also told me it was MS,, i have still had relapses,, and it's always the eye and the numbness,,, but also got some pain a few yrs back and thats neer left i am in pain 24/7 but also got new things like cognitive problems and sexual problems,,, and it moves to the left side of my body at times too. but i always know when one is gonna hit me,, my eye sight starts going first and i think oh crap here we go again! thank god,, i haven;t had one as of yet this yr,, i was switched to betaseron last sept,, due to having solumedrol for a bad one last august,, and the copaxone did not work for me,, avonex didn;t work for me either,, but so far (knock on wood) the betaseron has.

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