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Shadowrider, I love horses but only get to ride a couple of times a year. Even I would be crushed if I were forbidden to ride, will pray the weeks pass quickly.
I started with L'Hermittes (electric shock/vibration sensation down spine into legs when I bent my head forward) that came on very suddenly and acutely. At first I was fine if I didn't look down, then it became a constant pulsing vibration in my lower back, then my arms and hands started having constant tingling/numbness and the neck part subsided quite a bit. I had a few episodes of right arm "falling asleep" completely, either while in shower or when in hot weather. Every time I saw a doctor I'd be saying, "Well, TODAY it is here and there, the other seems fine..." It was very frustrating. Neuro didn't initially think it was MS. C-spine MRI was very clear, brain MRI showed small, inconclusive lesions, evoked potentials were BETTER than normal. LP was mildly positive. But I've had time to think about the past 20 years (I'm 47 now) and "odd" troubles I've had, I think they make sense now. Next appt this Friday, we'll see!
I'm fortunate that my neuro is young and agressive, she kept looking for reasons for my sx and seems to have found them via the typical process of elimination.
Based on all I've read here and elsewhere on the web I'd be leery of a Dr. who insists symptoms "aren't MS-like" since NO ONE can definitively say exactly what "MS-like" symptoms are!
Shadowrider, my first test was c-spine MRI. Saw a neurosurgeon who said he couldn't believe he was looking at the neck of someone my age, it was so "healthy". Funny. No compression at all, he ordered x-rays with neck bent this way and that way, still no compression.
my tingling/numbness/electric shock sensation seems to have settled in my hands and arms, also my tongue. But it still happens in my legs and torso (numb from hips to ribcage - THAT is upsettling!) and sometimes I get small "patches" of numbness on calves or shins. And very occasionally a leg and foot will "buzz" for a while.
I'm taking neurontin (no side effects - yay) and it does help quite a bit.
I've heard the trauma theory, I was hit and run over by a truck almost 6 years ago while on my motorcycle, was wearing full leather and a GREAT helmet! But it was still some head and back trauma (oh, and crushed lower leg, have internal hardware still!) But I think I've had sx for at least 15 years. Who knows what starts this stuff? Will let you know how appt goes today.

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