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I have learned and practice many new words too! I was dx'd dec 2004, after 2 relapses, 5 MRI's an 1 very long LP, oh and tons of blood work, started Avonex 2005, lost my job on the exact date I was dx'd, went into a deep depression, was a mess. Then I was watching a tv show that deals with women wanting to start anew and fix the problems in theiir lives, there was a woman on there who had cancer and I saw how she was handling her illness and I thought oh dear, that is me and the MS. So I went on an antidepressant, started seeing a therapist, and was finally able to face that yes, I have the MS! I am lucky, last relapse was Sept 2004, took 2 doses of Solmedrol to knock it out of me, now my right arm is numb, lots of surface pain on my hand and wrist, I get very stiff esp when I sleep, my balance is a bit off, and sometimes my walking is a little strange, I have L'hermittes [if I spelled that correct] and fatigue and me are best friends. I have learned to listen to my body, if it is tired, then that is what we do, we lay around. I cannot garden like I did, or bake, everything now I take my time doing, and if that is what I have to do, then oh well!! It was very hard for me to realize that there were things that I just will not be able to do like I could before. I have all my med's and vitamins in a pretty basket that is in the kitchen, so when I eat I take the meds, when I take my shot of Avonex, I make it special, like a new magazine to read, something for me [other than that big honkin' needle] The biggest thing for me since not working, is that routine that you have when you work, and now I didn't have a routine, so w/the help of my awesome therapist, I have found things that I can do to fill each day, and I have finally made friends with the MS. It has taken me about 30 minutes to type this, and I typed like a wiz in my job, but I just take things slower and ya know..... that is a good thing! Finding this message board was a gift, to listen to other people w/the same issues as me, makes me feel like a belong to a special family, you, me and THE MS!

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