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Hi Ladies...
Just jumping--er wobbling in here. The bruising--yes yes yes! :eek:
I've had a problem with them for a few years---joke that my parents did not name me "Grace" for a reason! But in reality--I did not know how I got them and was embarrassed. I've even had a problem I call "spontaneous bruising" that seems to affect fingers, hands, toes, feet (tops) & occas. legs and inside arms. I'll get a pain--sharp occas hot feeling. If you look at the area you can see a blood vessel (blue) getting bigger that you didnt notice there before. D/H has even watched it happen while we were watching TV: Doesn't matter is you're active or resting--just happens. It hurts for a while (like 10 minutes) and then bursts: after, it still hurts but less, more like after you've hit it on something.Tried elevating area before the "burst" or using ice-- Drs have no ideas--I was even at rheumatologist office once and had one (start to finish) and had him watch--(nice to have a knowlegable witness, I thought---sigh) Tho fascinated--he said he had no clue what how or who.... :confused: They happen alot for weeks then go away for weeks, like a storm?
Now that I am having sooooo many other sensations on my body: its hard to decide if what itches/stings/"crawls"/shocks etc is worth stopping what Im doing at the moment and look or just move along. But yes, more bruises--tho lately more clumbsies too.
Also noted lately in a few books (ie the MS diet book by Swank) in his description of sx of MS he included unexplained bruising!!!
As to the tuning fork sensation, I call them "buzzies"---The can also be a sx of menopause as well as some AI diseases. Actually most of my symptoms can be from numerous things--thus ">>>...I AM A LIMBO PERSON!!...<<<"
(TAH TAH TA DUMMMMM :rolleyes: )
Anyway ladies--glad we have this site to vent and compare stuff--makes life a bit easier and less scarry. thanks for listening.... :)

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