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Hello To all the MS pt's out there,
If you take the time to read this, let me just say thankyou! I am literally just exhausted with all of my health issues! I have found no answers and I am more puzzled and confused today than I was a year ago!
Let me give you a brief history...Last year around this time, I was at work when the right side of my face began to tingle! Along the trigeminal Nerve pathway, My doctor had an MRI to rule out possible MS / I had had some other health issue;s as well before the tingleing such as tics with my head which just happened one day when I was driving, this comes and goes! And my Left foot would be "lazy" meaning it would not pick up sometimes, which I also had seen another doc for this and the doc claimed I was too "stressed and Tired"! THe MRI was done with the dye, on both my brain and spinal cord, they found was normal! So the doc told me to go see another specialist a NEurologist, which I did and he did a 2 hour nero assessment on me, He said that I was 'perfectly fine' and that he saw no need to further test for MS! I also saw a opthamologist for pain around my eyes, in the supraorbital the bone, the doc said I had great optic nerves and 20/20 vision in both eyes!
Since then it has been one thing after another (AND THAT WAS BACK IN 9-04) Since then I have had;
1) Swollen lymphnodes behind my ears, in my neck which will hardend into tiny hard balls in my neck along the vein!
2) Weakness in my left leg to the point it feels like I am going to fall over
3) muscle innflamtion around and above both knees espically in my left leg! the feeling will radiate all the way into the side of my upper leg!
4) These tics in my neck like an overwhelming feeling that my head is going to move without me to guide it!
5) Horrible stomach ulcers which I have been on many medicines to heal it
6) chills threw out my body and just a feeling that something is not 'right'
7) not to mention some days I will feel fine and have no weakness with my left leg and then some days I will have weakness which makes me feel like my left leg is not going to work!
now my right leg is starting to feel like my left leg, the muscle feels innflamed and its as though it is getting weak! Im very upset by all this, and people keep telling me it could be a vitamin def. or a pinched nerve! Unfortuantlly I have no insurance right now, and I owe so much as it is to dr's for visits where I never seem to get an answer!
I have become very depressed and this is now starting to affect my personal life with my Fiance and my career! Please if any one has any suggestions or have had any of the 'same' things, would you mind sharing them to me!
This last year has been a real struggle, I feel all these 'changes' happening to my body, however not one doctor has diagnosed me with something!
I forgot to mention, I had some ANA test done to rule out LUPUS and they were postive for the first time and then 2 months later they were negative, so I am back to square one!
Thank you for reading this.
Take care all of you!

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