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I have never thought to ask my neuro...but I assume that when MSers have a fever with no apparent virus that the immune system is doing that nasty thing it does when it turns on itself...? Anyone have experience with this? Chills or "shakes" with your MS? I am just feeling soooo drained tonight. :yawn:
Hi Kelli - I get chills and sweats so badly that I swear I have a fever, and when I check my temp it is perfectly normal! Drives me crazy. I do get severe shakes occasionally about six hours after my Rebif shots. The really fun thing for me is that I'm also starting to hit menopause, so I don't know if the chills and sweats are from that or the MS or the drugs. The hot flashes are getting really bad. Do you get the chills usually after your shots or randomly? I've noticed that I get very cold in the evening. Let me know what your neuro says - Take care - Sharon Grace :wave:
He Kelli,

I'm having the opposite problem, I fell like my face is on fire....all the time. Is it the steroids or the ms???? That is the 64 million $ ? When you're taking tons of meds and have ms and are going thru menopause or pre-men. who knows? I bet even the docs prob don't. I'm sorry. I would check, cause I haven't heard of running a fever for no apparant reason with ms., just that you have to start popping the fever reducer so as not to let your body overheat. Hope you feel better really soon. Sue

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