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Hi everyone I just had X Rays of my Cervical Spine and it said narrowing in the C5-C6 level with minimal sclerosis of the end plates. Does this mean I have MS? I have not been dx yet. The pain in my neck and back of my head is the worst pain I have ever had. I told my neuro and he put me in this collar and did the xrays and said see you in 8 weeks.I had an MRI and it was normal. If anyone can help me with some of their experiances that would be great thankyou. :)
Don't think x-rays are going to be anywhere near conclusive in spotting sclerosis lesions. Usually the doctor needs a cervical MRI at a minimum. But read this closely, from personal experience...Cervical Stenosis (narrowing of the cervical spine) can and often does mimic symptoms of MS, most especially when pressure from the displaced vertebrae or from spiny growths is put on the spinal cord. Then watch out. If it's a borderline condition and the pressure is causing mostly inflammation along the spinal cord, you may be able to partially alleviate symptoms with prednisone and anti-inflammatories. But I am not aware of an MS diagnosis being made on the basis of an x-ray. If the MRI shows lesions typical of MS, then the ol' spinal tap is done to check for proteins in the spinal fluid. Make very sure that the person who read the x-ray meant "MS sclerotic lesions". Don't panic yet. God bless.

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