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Lets see..... YOu have listed a lot of suff, but guess what....I have experience much of the same things!!! :confused: I am happy to say that I finally am "getting" a referral to a neurologist. I'm positive my primary thinks I am the one that flew the coo-coo nest! :rolleyes:

From your list, this is what I have experienced:
- numbness to face (everywhere - even ears and mouth) since 2003
- pain in left eye since 2004 (comes and goes - I swear there is a little man in there trying to push my eyeball out!)
- increased/loss of sensation around their toes, fingers, basicall all over
- wake up with painful spasms/cramps in legs and feet. (hurts to walk barefoot or in flats when I used to be able to run a marathon in 3 inch heels)
-sit there watching tv, or laid in bed reading a book when I feel strange sensations like something crawling up my leg inside out, feels like mild tremors (get those an the large muscle spasms you can see through my clothes)
- horrible flu type aches and pains without meds or anything I can think of that causes them
- frequent numbness in their hands, numbness of my mouth (including toung, gums, teeth, lips) - even have twitching lips sometime!
- heavy shoulders and neck
- headaches that vary from the centre of the skull area (back and left side) and on the face where the only way to avoid the pain is to press hard on the eyebrow area and stroke it as if forcing something away from under the skin (thought I was the only one that did that!).
- I too have occassionally said something completely different from what you was thinking and I am a great typist be I often look up at the screen and see complete and properly spelled words that I didn't intend to type!,and I put things in stupid places then forget where. I have been known to put something that goes in the trash into the freezer!
- I hope that I don't leave the Neurologist frsutrated. I keep avoiding my primary and just calling his referrel coordinator since i know he is clueless about specialty treatment
- getting out of bed is a fight. pain!!! (Some days by 9am I want to climb back in!)
- I am a "cry baby" but lately I cry alot even for me. I see a strang person on the street or hear a song or watch a 30 minute comedy and find myself in tears. It is so depressing.

It's not you or's this condition! Don't worry yourself anymore. You body is alerting you that something is wrong. The sad part is that like me, we have to wait to hear it from the external "experts"!

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