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My primary sent me for a brain MRI and I'm seeing a neuro on Oct.7th. My Mri was 2 days ago and now it's the weekend. How long did you have to wait for results? I'm hoping since my Dr. has not called yet the results were neg. It's kind of a catch 22. I have many very classic MS symptoms the latest having a urge to pee NOW with no warning. Or worse I was standing in my kitchen and had no warning just a puddle on the floor. gross. Thank god no one else was home. I don't want a diagnoses of MS but at the same time something is going haywire in my nero system and I'm a little scared whats going on. My Primary said a neg brain Mri is conclusive that someone does not have MS. Is that true? and for those of you who had a neg. brain MRI where did you go from there?

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