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Hey!! Ha-Ha....that was funny...nothing in my head. That is a possiblity on any given day :) . No offense taken. It made me laugh. I needed that. No, my MRI was really short and non specific. In fact here's how it reads: The ventricles have a normal size and configuration. There is no evidence of mass or mass effect. No extra axial fluid collections. Brain parenchyma is unremarkable with no foci of abnormal signal seen on T2-weighted images or FLAIR images.

Seems a little non specific compared to the other MRI reports I have read on this and other boards. My doctors office called and said my MRI was negative and I said NEGATIVE FOR WHAT? I didn't know an MRI could be so clear cut as negative or positive. So, I guess I'm still questioning the reading. I wonder if I could request a second opinion on it? But I don't know how to go about asking for another radiologist to read my MRI. Do you know? Just a thought.

Now my C-Spine reads:

The sagittal T2 weighted images are somewhat limited due to motion artifacts. (I have no idea what this means...I didn't move, so what did?)
The vertebral bodies appear to be in good alignment with no significant subluxations seen. There is some reversal of the normal lordotic curvature which suggest spasm.
Axia images through C7-T1 show a mld bulge with no obvious impinement. The neural foramen are widely patent. The remainder of the study is unremarkable with no significant bulges or herniations evident.

So it seems like they were only looking for a mass in my brain or a vertebra/ disc problem.....what about other stuff????? That's why I would like to find out more....these were taken with out contrast and I don't know if that would make a difference. If there were lesions or white matter, would this report say something about that? Just seems like the radiologist wasn't focused on looking for that, just disc or mass.....????? I'm so lost in all of this.

I was hoping you would laugh! Yes, we MUST keep laughing.
OK, disclaimer: I am not a medical professional of any sort. I have not had experience reading MRIs or interpreting reports. Having said all that, here's what I've learned from my own experience. "no foci of abnormal signal.." means they saw no white spots, that's how lesions look. It frankly sounds like they saw absolutely nothing abnormal, which is a GOOD thing! My brain MRIs were both done with and without contrast, but no lesions showed with contrast, they all showed up on the T2 and flair images. Contrast apparently "lights up" active lesions, so I'm told I have no active lesions. From what I've read on the web, however, there can be active lesions that ONLY show up with contrast. I found some pictures when I did a search for MRI images, you can see what they mean if you can find them.
My C-spine MRI (my first) was done without contrast. Nothing there. I asked my neuro if contrast would make a difference, she said a spinal lesion would show up either way. Not sure that is true, but I had T- and L-spine MRIs with and without contrast, nothing showed up. I believe that "subluxations" refers to narrowing of the spinal column (I think that's what it is called). Or else it is "impinement", I can't remember. I was told I had "classic symptoms of spinal cord compression" but the bones of my entire spine are remarkably healthy. (The young neurosurgeon said, "I can't believe I'm looking at the neck of a woman your age". I'm 48. What's THAT supposed to mean, Sonny???) In any event, it sounds like they don't think you have a pinched nerve or a bone spur, either of which can cause freaky nerve problems. All good, right? Except you still don't know what is going on!
There is clearly much disparity of opinion regarding the reliability of the various tests. The MRI seems to be the thing that determines what direction your testing goes. Unless you get a dreadful MRI it seems that a diagnosis can be a long time coming, and results from eliminating all other possibilities and getting some combination of "hits" on the other tests. I do hope you can get answers sooner rather than later. No, I actually hope your symptoms go away altogether and you never NEED the other tests! But if you do, I will say that the LP isn't all that awful. Just need to avoid "the" headache afterwards.
Let us know how things go, and don't stop laughing!

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