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Yep, it was me that had better than average evoked potentials. Going back to when I first started doing research on MS, I recall that the standard diagnotic criteria for MS are pretty imprecise. It more often than not boils down to ruling out other things combined with meeting a combination of criteria. Seems like you need a certain number of "hits" in the following areas: Brain MRI (lesions, certain areas), spinal MRI (cervical spine most often - single lesion counts as a "hit"), evoked potentials (visual and/or extremities), LP, clinical observations (those tests they do every time you have an office visit - sharp/dull sensing, push/pull, balance, symptoms, etc), history of relapsing/remitting symptoms and ruling OUT other causes. Most frustrating of all is that any or all tests can be negative for MS at any given time, but you can still have MS.
I think it is safe to say that neurological disorders are slippery. Amelia, I don't think you'll find anyone who WANTED to be told they had MS, but you'll find quite a lot of us who were relieved to hear it. Stick around here, you'll understand.
Curious gave essential advice regarding the spinal tap: Drink lots of water before and after. Lay down flat as much as possible for at least 3 days after. Don't bend over while standing for a few days. The procedure itself will most likely be no big deal - mine was completely painless. You just want to avoid "the" headache! If you were to get it you will survive, it just isn't any fun at all!

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