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I have L'Hermitte's, it is often described as an "electric shock sensation down the spine" when you bend your neck forward. It also runs down arms and legs when it is real bad. It is, however, momentary - when I straighten my neck it stops. This was not the case when it first struck. For about a month I had almost constant pulsing "vibration" in my spine (mostly lower spine) that felt like a cat's purr, or my cell phone. It did not emanate from the base of my skull, however, and it was not painful.
When you consider that the central nervous system is a series of electrical circuits it tends to make you think that symptoms that feel "electrical" are related to the CNS. Definitely get it checked. I can certainly understand why you would wonder about MS given your family history, but it could also be that you are more aware of MS than the general population is. I didn't know anything at all about it until the L'Hermitte's hit.

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