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Hi all, Ive had new things going on a couple of times now and just wandered if any body-else has had it.. When sitting down and I tilt my head down I get this funny buzzing/tingly feeling in my feet and legs, when I lift my head again the feeling stops. Is this related to my ms or can it be somthingelse?

The other thing I was wandering about is this, I started to come out of a relaps a couple of weeks ago (legs were affected and could not walk without aid) and now find that if I start to walk reasonably quick for just a short distance (about 100 yards or so) my legs start to get strong pins and needles and start to feel pretty heavy/sluggish. The last time was two days ago, when I got this feeling in both legs up to the waist and my right arm. I had to stop to sit for about 15mins until it went away. If I walk slowly then I'm alright and can walk for much much longer without any problems.

Does any of you have this? Love to hear what you all think, thanks for reading Donnalynne xxxxoooo

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