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Hi Elizabeth,

I have just joined this site and read your post, I'm so sorry to read about the symptoms that you have been experiencing, I konw exactly how you feel because I too have been going through the same symptoms as you since Feb 2005.

I'm a 37 year old male and I too live in England, In Feb this year I had been suffering with a flu like illness for a couple of days the usual cough, sore throat, runny nose etc, then one evening whilst with one of my clients I suddenly felt extremly lightheaded as if I was going to lose my balance, I made my excuses to my clients and left and went home sharply. I went straight home and into bed with mug of beechams, whilst in bed I suddenly felt my upper left arm go extremly tight as if i was having my blood preesure tested this worried me thinking I was having a stroke or something and lasted a couple of hours.

Next morning I visited my GP, who councluded I had the flu and a "trapped nerve" in my elbow?? Over the next few days the cold and flu symptoms went but this dizzyness hung around for several weeks before disapearing.

I was back to my old self, my lifestyle is hectic! I live on my own have my own house to look after, am self employded and have my 8 year old daughter live with me 3 times each week. On top of that I go to my gym 3 to 4 times each week and push weights and go out a couple of times each week for a beer and meal etc.

Then suddenly in June this year out of the blue this dizzyness hit me all over again for a few days then once again one night I had the tightness in my upper left arm for a few hours. Next day I was back at the GP surgey again, this time after an examination he concluded I have an "ear inbalance" and a "trapped nerve" in my elbow!! and my blood pressure was slightly raised so he sent me to hospital for bllod tests and gave me tablets for vertigo. Hold on I thought trapped nerve I have had this before? but I shut up and did what I was told.

This time the dizzyness was really bad, so bad that sometimes I would not drive my car, It got worse when I went to my supermarket so bad that I had my daughter with me and told her to wait with the trolly whilst i went down an isle to get some milk when I came back I could not see her!!, I panicked and was looking around desperatly for her then I heard her voice say "Dad what are you looking for?" and there she stood right in front of me where I had told her to stay, but I had been so dazed I could not see her? It happended again when I went to the hospital to have my blood test whilst waiting in their I thought I was goiung to pass out.

The tablets the GP gave me did nothing at all, then one day I felt the headaches come Horrible stabbing burning headaches down both sides of my head and nurofen did absolutly nothing to help. I had to take a week off work and was so ill that I could not see my daughter that week because I could not look after myself let alone her, this caused me a load of grief with daughter's mom and demands for more maintainance and threats of the CSA involvment. I was just doing a dieing fly impression was the abuse she hurled at me.

Next week I felt a little better and went back to work, after 2 days I was exhausted not like me at all! I went back to my GP for my blood tests all normal he decleared and my blood preesure had returned back to normal, "keep taking the tablets" he said "but I don't think they are working repled I" "try to reduce the stress in your life" he advised "and see how you go"

Over the next few weeks I noticed further changes in me, one day I was having a shave and my muscles in right forearm were aching and burning up, hang on I thought 4 weeks ago i was in the gym pushing weights like I do now my forearm is burning up whilst having a shave this aint normal? Then I noticed my muscle started to twitch at differnt times in differnent parts of my body.

None of this made sense so I looked up caused of dizzyness on the internet, Several illnesscame up one was MS, so I read the symptoms hang on I thought of all the crazy things that keep happening to me this makes some sense. I went back to the GP, could I have MS I asked? "NO" he "Why do you think that"? I showed him my research he scratced his head then performed a neuro exam "No MS symptoms" he said "it's anxiety with you" "I want to see a nerulogist I stressed" He was reluctant but I insisted I paid and went private got an appointment the next day cost me 170. "No evidence at all of MS he belowed" after hitting me with rubber hammers proding me with spikes shining tourches into my eyes and holding me in what felt like wrstling positions and telling me not to let him force my arms or legs down, I almost felt like I was in a tourcher chamber. "it's stress and anxiety with you I recommend that you take some betablockers and try to relax more" "yes to the relax no to the drugs" I said "I really dont wanna have to take them unless I have to" "Do I need an MRI scan" I asked "NO it would be a waste of money" he replied. I was already thinking i had wasted 170 so i didnt bother pushing for an MRI scan.

I feel a little better know but not right I have good days and bad days, I find Im forgeful and sometimes struggle for my words, I still get tired somedays and get the headaches nearly every day sometimes worse than others, I have started to go back to the gym but not like I used to I have found I have gained weight basicly because I dont do the exercise I used to do. I did go back and see a different GP the other week as one night I had no sleep at all had burning sensations in my head and shooting sensations down my spine and into my arms and legs and the next day my head was so so sore. Oh I also forgot that I had taken Nurofen for my headache and then an hour later I took some co-odinoal and had to ring NHS direct beacuse I felt ill. "would you like to take Prozac for your stress and anxiety" he said. "No thaks" said I. Even my own mother as said to me that I will end up in a mental hospital if I don't accept that I have stress, that hurt.

Well I know I have stress and anxiety and my research as shown that this can casue the symptoms that you and I both have, but I belive I have the stress and anxiety as a result of these symptoms and not the other way around. I have found a place in Cheltenham that will do an MRI for 198 I am gonna ask my neuro to refer me this time to see if there are any lesions in my brain, I intend to get to the bottom of all this.

I don't know what esle to say to you except hang in there I know how you feel, and your not alone. I think this will be a long process but be positive belive in your own mind and just keep pushing the medical world. If I can help just drop me a line.

Best Wishes.

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