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[B]I am having severe numbness on my head, and tingling on my head, its a strange feeling as if something is crawling on my head not sure why this is happening I have hypothyroid and also hashimotos antibodies, I am very concerned since the top of my head feels so numb, and also my face numbs up alot, and my left arm gets numb and my left eye twiches all day long, and my sight gets blurred, and my eyes kind of feel heavy to the point that I have to close them for a while.

I am so worried about it being MS, anyway I also have not been eating alot after having a severe reactiion to advair and my throat swelled up, so I am not sure if maybe stopping the cortisone was what caused this, since i stopped it suddenly. the numbness has been happening for a while but it has gotten worst this week,any help would be appreciated thanks[/B]
Hi, Ive never heard anyone else talk of this but I have it.

When my MS symptoms started happening I did not know I had MS or what was going on and I had the numb/tingling on my scalp. It really scared me and I thought anurism or something, not sure why I thougth that, several in my family have had anurisms so I guess thats why.

I still get that sensation, I finally figured it must be the MS.

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