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I had a MRI of the brain on Friday,the radiologist stopped counting lesions at 32 and just shook his head.

I've been fighting with my neurologist for 2 months now.He's an ego-tistic jack***.His physician assistant was a real nice young Doctor.

I was diagnosed with MS 7 years ago.I had all the symptoms ,these appeared 4 weeks after I had my first back surgery.My Neurosurgeon stated that I had the onset of MS and I dismissed it,thinking it was all related to the failed surgery.

I have been to numerous Drs. in 11 months and no Dr. would definatly state MS.I've been left with muscle atrophy in my legs and my arms.Hoping I can get some of it reversed.I feel like crap and don't see the light at the end of the tunnel.

My neurologist just tries to rush me out his door,well I final stood my ground and vented 11 months worth of total frustration on him.I think he thought I was a crazed idiot.

He finally scheduled an emergency MRI, and the radiologist confirmed what I've known.I'm so angry at the idoticy I see in todays Doctors.I've seen 3 neurosurgeons and they all stated it wasn't coming from the spine,and they couldn't help me.I needed a neurologist and the neurologist stated I needed a neurosurgeon.After getting teary eyed , I grabbed him by his tie and ask if he treated all his patients like crap or if was just me.I ask if he had even read the EMG reports.He didn't trust the Electomuscular Dr. because he didn't know her.There's 3 reports and they each state the same radiculopathy with muscle atrophy moving upwards into the mid back.That peaked his interest.I had my MRI of the thorcic and cervical area ,he didn't even look at them.Me still honk-en peed off ask nastily why he didn't read the report.I told him it stated no spinal cord impingement what so ever.So he read the report.

Finally he scheduled the MRI.He wants to redo the EMG.I do not like this test,but willing to have it done,so he'll shut up.I'm having an evoked potential test done Nov.11.

I will be seeing a new neurologist in Dec. it was the earliest appointment.

Sorry this is long.I'm still fuming over the idea these DRs don't act is if our symptoms are real.Just because they aren't visable ,don't mean they are not there.


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